Ugur Metal Aluminium Die Casting Difference | Innovation

Ugur Metal Aluminium Die Casting Difference | Innovation

In everything we do, we always consider how we can do it better. Based on our common purpose " Becoming better every day - since 2009" we strive to change the future.

Ugur Metal Aluminium Die Casting is an open-minded company, always searching for fresh thoughts and ideas. We have set ourselves the goal to become a sustainability and innovation leader providing superior customer value and operational excellence. We are creating advanced tools and techniques to move the casting industry forward. Also we encourage our employees to share ideas without any inhibition and appreciate their efforts. Aluminum casting products are changing every single day and it has a tremendous transformation towards clean autonomous mobility. Our innovative casting techniques are intended to fulfil the new architecture needs in every market such as; automotive, house goods electronics...

These bring some benefits such as;

• We can help you take your products further while shortening lead times and lowering costs.
• On the other hand with our technologie, we can eliminate secondary operations such as machining, increasing manufacturing speeds and offering you reliable results with no capacity constraints.

Finally, our innovative solutions are about your business, delivering you high quality and much more cheap products, every single time.